Get involved

We need your help to help make the Brightoneers vision a reality.

Firstly, join us! It’s free to register on our meet-up group, which means you’ll automatically be invited to all future events. You can see what’s coming up here.

We also have a discussion board where you can join or start conversations about how to make our vision a reality. This is also the online home for suggesting ideas for future meet-ups, asking for help and making new connections.

If you own a private company and would like to explore transitioning to a co-op model to realise some value for the hard work you have put into growing it and leave an exciting legacy for the employees and the city of Brighton, drop us a line.

You can also send us submissions for blog posts. If you’re working towards the Brightoneers vision, Tell us what you’re up to and we’ll share it with the community.

If you are from a school, college or university we would love to work with you or talk to students. Please get in touch.

Do you have other ideas? Great! Please tell us what you’d like The Brightoneers to do.

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