Right now the Brightoneers are working on some big and small projects:

  • Transitioning local businesses from private to employee ownership
  • Advising start-up businesses who exist for the benefit of everyone in the city
  • Alternative currencies

Check out the message board to see what else Brightoneers are working on right now.

We would also like to:

  • Work with all political parties who share our vision for the local economy of Brighton. Please contact us to talk.
  • Gauge interest in holding a street festival in summer 2013 to celebrate Brighton’s pioneering businesses with everyone who lives here. Tell us what you think about this.

Please contact us if you can help with any of these projects, or check out other ways to get involved.

3 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Avangelist

    there are no actions on this page, instead you’ve created an almost infinate loop. I click that I want to get involved in the projects. I see a list of Projects. I have no option other than to look at the get involved page I’ve already looked at thus a loop is formed.

    I think you should review your site structure and what the goals are. I’d love to help but I can’t find anywhere to tell you that apart from in this comment!

    1. tomnixon Post author

      Hey Andy, thanks for getting in touch and it’s great that you’re up for getting involved. Most people have been using the Contact page to offer help and support but this way is just fine too. I’ve added a link to the contact page from the bottom of this one to avoid the infinite loop – thanks for pointing that out. I see you’re a user experience designer so if you’d like to give me a hand that would be great. Thanks again for your support and the feedback.


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